Wait. Music Lessons Bring You Happiness?

Mary Helen Rossi
July 20, 2022

Vibrations = Energy = Rhythm = ... Happiness?

Chances are that you’re reading this because you’re considering taking music lessons (for yourself or your children) at The Music Studio Atlanta. If we're right, then we have one big question for you: would you like even just a bit more happiiness? That’s not an insubstantial question and it’s not rhetorical. If you’ve read any of our other recent posts, you’ll know we’re dead serious about the fact (yes, fact) that a musical involvement can bring you happiness.

But Many Stars Aren’t Happy!

I’m glad you pointed that out. You’re right, all musicians are not happy people. If you consider the lives of many of the stars you’ve heard or read about, you can see why.But the problem is not the musicianship … it’s the stardom. Stardom brings challenges most people aren’t ready for. So, we’re not talking about that kind of musical involvement.We’re talking about a musical involvement like learning music. Learning to play the music you enjoy just feels good. Okay, it won’t feel good all of the time (building any kind of muscle always has its challenges), but most of the time.

Are You Vibin’ With Us, Man?

As we say in a recent post, human beings are musical creatures … and some of us are more driven to participate than others. Does that include you? Most of the TMSA staff and faculty fall into that category and we’re serious about enjoying music.This brings up an important point, one that is dear to our hearts. Fact: there are some children and youth who are so musically inclined that they will really suffer if they’re not allowed and encouraged to pursue their love of music. But that’s pretty far off the topic here, so we’ll devote another post to that soon.Back to our main point, which is that musical involvement brings happiness. We hope this post will offer you some new ways of looking at that because we know it’s true. So on with it! Let’s dive into vibrations, energy, and rhythm.

What’s Rhythm Got to Do with Happiness?

We won’t get too esoteric about this, but before we consider rhythm we should probably spend a quick minute on sound energy. That’s because sound energy is one of the things that create and drive the rhythm, no matter what instrument you’re playing – including your voice.Sound energy is indeed vibrations. Scienceworld has a cool way of defining how this works:

The source of a sound [your body, the saxophone, drums, or piano] vibrates, bumping into nearby air molecules which in turn bump into their neighbors, and so forth. This results in a wave of vibrations traveling through the air to the eardrum, which in turn also vibrates.

Solarschools presents sound energy a bit differently:

Sound energy is the movement of energy through a substance – such as air or water – in the form of waves. It is produced when a force causes an object or substance to vibrate. Vocal sound energy is created when expelled air from our lungs passes through the vocal folds.

Why Rhythm Can Change Your Mood

Why might sound energy be of interest to a music student? Because the more you know about something you’re involved with, the better your chances are of staying with it. Let’s take drum lessons, for example, because the drums are pure percussive rhythm.Let's say you’re just learning to play the drums. You have a pair or two of sticks and an assortment of drums and cymbals, and you’re learning to play different beats. That can feel great, and it gets even more exciting when you begin to play with others.So imagine that you’re learning your beats and playing with others and it's feeling awesome -- and, since you understand the sound waves you (and they) are creating, you truly get how that energy is impacting all of you? The old-time phrase “good vibes” doesn’t refer to some hocus pocus … it acknowledges the fact that sound waves are energy, and that the sound energy is impacting everyone within earshot, whether they know it (or feel it) or not.

Remember Einstein?

We’ve published a few posts lately on the emotional benefits of music, referring to thousands of studies with scientific proof that music changes your feelings. Considering the fact that sound energy travels as waves that cause vibrations and that we all are, as Einstein proved, just energy, it should be no surprise that sound energy can have such a profound effect on us.Of course, if you’re a musician this is not new news. You know this from experience. Lucky you!

Does This Resonate with You?

Just like “good vibes”, the idea that something might “resonate with you” is a concept that gets dissed as new age hocus pocus. But it’s not.Dictionary.com defines the verb “resonate” as:

To produce a positive feeling, emotional response, or opinion: an issue that clearly resonates with members of our community; a poem that resonates for me.

Remembering Einstein, and knowing that energy vibrates, why wouldn’t you have a visceral response (reaction) to music you like? Especially if you’re playing it!Most of us have responses all day long, and they’re not always positive ones. Many spiritual traditions point to our negative thoughts and opinions (which result in reactions and responses) as a source of misery. And who wouldn’t like to be a little happier? Ah then, why not learn to play music you enjoy, so you can vibe and resonate… and be happy?

Dancing to the Beat of a Different Drummer

One of the best things about learning to play music is the ability to express yourself. Just be sure you’re playing music you really like … and you’re not just trying to sound like someone else.When you’re expressing yourself it’s as if you’re having a conversation. If you’re playing solo, it’s a conversation with yourself. Think of it like this – you play the notes on the page (or ones you’ve heard) and you respond. It’s a totally non-intellectual, spontaneous process. And, by the way, it feels real. Right. Solid.You might even think of it as resonating … it gives you a positive feeling and that, of course, makes you feel happier.I realize this can all sound a little “out there”. But if you’re among the many who are beginning to reassess their lives and look for something different, maybe “out there” isn’t such a negative thing at all. Look at it this way – you don’t know until you try.

Ready to Give it a Try?

The Music Studio Atlanta runs on good vibes because we know we're empowering our students to be happier. Contact us today -- our teachers will give your family the very best music lessons!

Mary Helen Rossi
July 20, 2022