Open mics

Break out into performance the fun way with our Open Mics!

Do you or your child need some extra motivation to practice?

Do you have a song you’re excited to share, but the next recital is months away?

Are you preparing something for an upcoming recital but want to do a practice run in a lower-stakes environment?

Try participating in one of our Open Mic events!

Open Mics are our less formal performance opportunities. One of the places we host them is at St. Angelo’s Pizza, right down the street from The Music Studio location in Vinings. You can sign up for one of our performance slots and enjoy pizza and music in a relaxed outdoors environment.

Open Mics are a great way to gently ease adult and child students into the recital experience in a fun way. For some students, performances increase motivation to continue learning and practicing consistently. For others who enjoy sharing the songs they’ve learned, Open Mics provide extra opportunities to do so in addition to recitals. The more often students perform, the more comfortable they will be on stage, so Open Mics can help students with performance anxiety to feel more relaxed about performing too!

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Check out our upcoming recital opportunities!

The Music Studio’s Spring Recitals are next on May 5th, 6th, and 7th, and you still have plenty of time to plan something wonderful to share with family, teachers and friends! Our Christmas Holiday Recitals this year are on December 1st, 2nd and 3rd. If you would like an extra special and unique performance opportunity, consider joining our Destination Performance trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April! 

How Open Mics are Different from Recitals

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Open Mics are less formal than recitals. Students perform in a friendly environment and often feel less pressure to do well, so they can focus more on the joy of performing and sharing music they love. 

Open Mic events are shorter than recitals. They take place at St. Angelo’s Pizza or another restaurant or venue. Usually there are fewer students performing and a smaller audience too which makes it easier for the anxious performer.

It’s easier to meet and make friends with other students and performers at Open Mics, because it’s a friendly and informal environment. Bring any friends or family that would enjoy the event as well!

We host more Open Mic events in a year than recitals. Since recitals only happen twice a year, Open Mics are great ways to keep building performance skills and sharing your favorite music in the time between recitals. 

You might get to hear your teacher perform! Sometimes we have extra time during Open Mic events if there is a short list of performers, so you can even opt to perform a second time! And after that, teachers who are there to support their students just might play something too!

How to Sign Up for an Open Mic

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Check the calendar for upcoming Open Mic dates. We have all our performance dates for the year listed, so you can plan ahead for them!

Pick a song you like to prepare. Work on it with your teacher and practice it until you feel comfortable with it and ready to perform. Or pick a song you’ve already learned and polish it up for the next Open Mic! 

Watch for the email signup link that goes out a few weeks before each Open Mic event so you can sign up for a slot. Ask your teacher to keep you posted too!

Keep an eye out for last-minute changes. Since our Open Mics take place outdoors, bad weather can sometimes make it necessary to reschedule them. 

Enjoy playing music you love and listening to other performers!

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