Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

Master the Guitar! Ukulele Anyone?

Master the Guitar with In-Home Guitar Lessons!

The guitar is incredibly versatile! Whether your child wants to join the school band, accompany himself on his favorite songs, or become a rock star, learning to play the guitar will lead to years of creative enjoyment.

Ukulele Anyone? Explore the Ukulele with In-Home Ukulele Lessons!

The ukulele is also a popular instrument for all ages, and it’s a great starting instrument for young children who need to grow a little before they can play the guitar. So many popular songs feature ukulele, and we’ll have your child playing (and singing) in no time!
No matter which you choose – Electric or Acoustic Guitar or Ukulele – our talented staff teaches all styles and levels. Many are active musicians playing around Atlanta, doing session work for other artists, or teaching at the local music colleges. They’re deep into music!

Let us know if you need a guitar or ukulele as we can help you purchase or rent an appropriate one.

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Colorful string of different types of musical notes.

Meet a few of our teachers

Andrew Bracken
Faith Davis
John Williams
Jordan Forte-Morgan
Parker Wierling
Colorful string of different types of musical notes.
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