Piano Lessons

The perfect gateway instrument

In home lessons are the ultimate convenience, and there are so many benefits to learning to play the piano! Children improve their focus and concentration, experience the joy that comes with self-expression, and develop a skill that makes them happier.

Why choose Courtnay & Rowe?

Children love our fun, relaxed approach to this wonderful instrument. Our method books give structure to learning, and we encourage students to choose the type of music they want to learn to play.

We supercharge children’s learning!

Piano can be learned with the music of Disney, Broadway, Bach, or Brahms, and when you love the music you’re working on you supercharge your learning!

Please let us know if you need a piano as we can help you purchase or rent an appropriate one.

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Meet a few of our teachers

Anne Beck
Bob Fraumann
Colby Blick
Danielle Vicente
Fernanda Miranda
Garrett Motes
Hananiah Wilson
Jessica Crowe
Kasey Robinson
Kyle Jenkins
Marcha Thompson 
Mike Grant
Victoria Kerr

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