Drum Lessons

High Energy Music!

Drum lessons develop coordination, focus, and confidence – they’re also a great outlet for high energy or sports-minded kids! We begin with the foundation and in no time, students find their own style and move into more advanced drumming.

Playing the drumkit coordinates all four limbs to work together,
so it engages both sides of the brain simultaneously.
This type of brain activity can improve an individual’s IQ level.
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Why Choose Us?

  • We teach a variety of styles, from Metal to Rock to Country
  • Our teachers use a well-defined and fun approach to learning – we call it flexible structure
  • Students learn the fundamentals of percussion
  • Students choose the type of music they want to learn. This supercharges their learning!
  • Our piano teachers have warm personalities and enjoy sharing their love for the piano.

If you don’t have a drum set, don’t worry! You only need a practice pad to get started. If you’d like to purchase equipment, we’re happy to help you find an appropriate-sized drum kit, electronic kit (great when less noise is necessary) or beginning practice pad.

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Meet a few of our teachers

Parker Wierling
Colorful string of different types of musical notes.
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