For violin, viola and cello, our focus is a mixture of Traditional and Suzuki methods with emphasis on reading music, handling and care of the instrument and learning a repertoire appealing to the student.

Although we utilize method books to structure lessons, we also allow the student to choose the type of music they want to learn to play. We feel you can learn your instrument from the music of Disney or Broadway Musicals just as you can from Bach, Beethoven or Brahms! Please let us know if you do not have an instrument as we can help you purchase or rent an appropriate sized one.

Our suggested lesson times for music lessons are a minimum of 45 minutes, once a week; 1 hour or more for 1- 2 students, or more according to your needs. Multiple instruments may require separate instructors and therefore separate lesson times will be needed. In some cases, we may be able to provide one instructor for more than one instrument (i.e. piano/voice, piano/guitar, etc.) saving you time and money. If this is possible, one lesson time may be planned with 30 minutes given to each discipline.

If you have any questions or would like to sign-up for one of our services, please Contact Us.

All teachers are extensively interviewed and qualified, and undergo a complete background check.

We want you to be assured you are receiving a quality teacher from a respected family business that is well known and trusted in the Atlanta area.

In-Home Music Lessons!

Since 1989, the Courtnay and Rowe family has provided in-home teaching services to children and adults in Metro Atlanta, using a fast, fun approach to learning music that has made us so popular - just ask your friends!  Learn in the comfort of YOUR own home, seven days a week..