Purchasing Musical Equipment Holidays

‘Tis the Season for buying music equipment and lessons as gifts for the holidays, and here’s a little information to help make your next purchase less painful:


full-sized-keyboardIf you’re in the market for a keyboard for your beginning student, no matter what you buy or where, please make sure you get the following:

– Weighted keys, or at the very least, semi-weighted keys (so that the touch is more like a real piano)
– A stand (appropriate to where you want to put it in your home – an “X” type folding stand or a solid, more furniture type stand (pictured above, like we use in the Studio).
– A comfortable, adjustable (if possible) bench – just using a chair will not be the correct height for comfortable practicing.
– A sustain (or damper) pedal
– Optional – a good set of headphones (helpful if your child practices while you are working from home or for late at night practicing)

We’ve heard several people say they’ve had good luck with Craigslist, but with electronics, we don’t recommend going with “unknown” used source, unless you know exactly what you are looking for or are buying from a reputable source. We would encourage to go somewhere that has a warranty on their sale and you know that you will be able to find recourse if something happens to your keyboard.

Also, just as a sidebar, wherever you put this keyboard in your house, make sure it’s somewhere where your child frequents – over our many years of teaching, we’ve heard a hundred times that the kids practiced somewhere that had life in it – in the kitchen near Mom, living room, etc. – but when the keyboard or piano went down to the basement (or an area of the house that wasn’t as lively) the kids’ practicing dwindled as it’s “out of sight, out of mind” and/or the young children aren’t as comfortable going somewhere by themselves. Even as an adult, if you pass the piano often, you’ll be more apt to play it regularly.

Guitar or Ukulele

If your child is interested in guitar, but is either a small child or under 8 – 10 years old, we would really recommend starting off with a ukulele. They are very similar to a guitar, but are much easier to manage for small hands and are extremely gratifying! Young children under 10 do not have the physicality for a full size guitar and can become discouraged and lose interest quickly. The ukulele is a fabulous instrument, light to hold, and easy to play! So many children have become successful with it quickly here at the Studio over the years. We suggest either a Soprano Ukulele or a Tenor Ukulele, and have a couple in stock to sell. They are very affordable ($80-100) and come with gig bag, tuner, polishing cloth and case.

For older students that would like to play acoustic or electric guitar, there are many choices for both! We recommend you visit one of our music friends listed below, and please tell them you are our student. They are very familiar with our Studio and will give you an appropriate instrument for your student at a very good price. Mention you are with our Studio for a discount!

Dirt Cheep Music: 2415 S Cobb Dr, Smyrna,30080 (corner of Windy Hill and S. Cobb) see Adam
Sam Ash Music: – 2999 Cobb Parkway, Atlanta (corner of Sports Authority) see Steven, or the manager on duty


Have you been holding off on a drum set for the fear of noise? For peace in the household, and especially for beginners, we recommend an electric drum set.  They are very good quality anymore, and can be found at a much better price than you’d think – you can get a good beginner Alesis set (see below) for around $350. Please see either of our above music friends for more details, or look online.

Gift Certificates for Lessons or Books – super gifts from Grandparents! 

We are so happy to help you find stocking stuffers of books of your student’s favorite music at their appropriate level – just let us know! New music, Disney, Pop, Elvis – whatever they like – we can get what you need quickly! Most books range from $3.50 – $20. Also, please see us for instrument accessories ideas as well!

We also offer Gift certificates for lessons! Whether 1-month, 3-month, 6-months or a full year, we are happy to help you give the best gift ever, and stay within your budget!

Please feel free to contact us with your holiday instrument needs – it’s our pleasure and purpose to help your student enjoy their music!
Call Our Office – 770-690-9968