Music Registration And Agreement Policies


    (hereinafter referred to as “Company”)
  • To provide the best service possible, the following policies must be agreed and adhered to by our clients:

    Timeliness: Because of unpredictable Atlanta traffic, please be aware we may possibly arrive 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late to your scheduled lesson.

    Tuition Payments: We teach year round, except during the months of June and July where we offer "a la carte" lessons to allow for travel and summer activities, which are billed the month following the lessons. There is no regular monthly billing during June and July. Our monthly tuition accounts for a one week Thanksgiving holiday, a two week December holiday, a one week Spring Break, Easter Sunday and Recital day in May and December. Please see our current calendar for closing dates. Family registration is non-refundable once lessons have started. We will prorate the month for late starts. There are no deductions for missed lessons – please see our makeup policy below. Payments are charged monthly on autopay by credit cards or bank drafts. If you choose to withdraw from lessons before May, the notification must be via email to before the 15th of the month (for the following month’s withdrawal.)

    Makeup Lessons: Any lessons canceled by the instructor will be made up. A substitute instructor may be used on occasion. Within the constraints of previously scheduled commitments and full schedules, both by the teacher and the student, we will provide makeups for those lessons that have had at least 48 hours notice of cancellation. On a best efforts basis, with no guarantee, we will also try to make up lessons missed through last-minute cancellation due to sickness, serious family situations, etc. and seasonal sports scheduling. There will be no more than one excused makeup allowed per month. The teacher will designate one specific day each month as a "makeup day" and if the lesson cannot be scheduled on this makeup day, it will be forfeited.

    Makeups are not given for: last-minute situations such as social events, visitors, last minute trips, or others (those that fall short of the 48 hour cancellation period) or instructors arriving for the lesson with no student available."

    Recitals: We hold several recitals and performance opportunities during the year; participation is encouraged, but not required.

    Parent’s responsibilities: Parents are responsible for (i) payment of tuition, (ii) supervision of student(s), (iii) providing a suitable environment for lessons and (iv) any transportation of the student(s). Parents agree not to leave students unattended without adult supervision.

    Transportation: Company shall not be responsible for any transportation of students. In the event students receive transportation from teachers (which we discourage), Company shall not be responsible, and by signing below you release The company from any and all liability.

    Teachers: Teachers are independent contractors under contract to provide instruction to Company’s students, and all have undergone full background checks. Teachers have no other duties or authority. Other than for instruction, the Company shall not be responsible for the actions of teachers.

    Use of pictures & videos: During performance opportunities, the Company may take pictures and/or video for not only the parents but to post use on social media like Facebook or Instagram. Unless you specifically ask in writing to ( that you or your student NOT be used, Company will assume permission for images and videos to be used in print, video, or internet media. You or your child's last name nor personal information will never be used in conjunction with any video or digital images

    Policies: Parents and students agree to abide by all reasonable policies as may be adopted from time to time by Company."
  • We agree to the foregoing:

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