We get this question quite often, and because children are all so different, there is no real pat answer. And it also depends on the instrument or offering you are interested in – some instruments require hand size and/or dexterity. We generally say that if the child is extremely interested in starting music lessons, the best starting point is piano (or keyboards), which is the “gateway” to the other instruments. The piano is a great instrument for learning all aspects of music and it’s easy to transfer that information later to all other instruments. If your child is interested in a stringed instrument, ukulele is a great choice for small hands, and can be immediately rewarding musically. Another good choice for interested young beginners is our Intro to Music group music class for four and five year old children, which involves voice, instrument experimentation, percussion and rhythm, or Miss Jennifer’s Family Music Together program (adult and child together Infant to three) which are both held at The Music Studio at Vinings.